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Individual Visits - No Insurance Required!

These visits are great for simple things like:

- Minor illnesses and injuries:

      ~including bronchitis, flu, strep throat, bladder infections,                    rashes, and more!.

- Health Screenings:

     ~Including anemia, diabetes, thyroid, and cholesterol checks.

-Wellness Exams and Physicals:

     ~Includes school and employment physicals, pre-op physical                 for surgeries, college sports physicals, and annual exams (no               disability exams).

-- If you haven't seen a doctor in years, don't have health insurance,      and you have something you'd like to be addressed.

- If your own doctor can't get you into the office quickly enough.

So How Does This Work?

You can receive up to one initial visit and up to two follow-up visits at $100 each.  You may pay for these visits upfront or separately.  This does not constitute establishment of primary care and you will still need to be expected to see your doctor regularly.  If you choose to enroll in a membership as a primary care patient, these payments will be counted toward the membership fee.

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