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Taking Back Healthcare: Fixing the System

Why did I take a dive into the unknown and go into direct primary care? Working for free clinics for the past few years has changed me both personally and as a physician and taught me things that I never knew mattered. Our healthcare system is broken. Insurance companies charge us too much money and don’t pay for things half of the time anyways. Poor and underserved patients are especially affected, and it pained me greatly to see them get tossed to the proverbial curb by the medical establishment.

Working in the free clinic world has a lot going for it. Not only was the care I provided free, but I was also free from insurance companies, their paperwork, and their prices, and moreover I was free to practice medicine the way I wanted to. Now having formed my own DPC clinic, I am once again free from the influence of insurance companies, and for a low monthly membership fee, I can practice medicine the way I choose to and offer my patients the care that they deserve. Join me in helping to take back your healthcare!

-Dr. Johnson

Harmony Whole Health

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