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The Health Benefits of Shrub Drinks

Ever heard of a Shrub Drink? Hint: It's not your local freshly-squeezed garden bush. Shrub drinks are herbal tonics with many health benefits. Here is one with blood sugar-lowering properties, which are great for diabetics as a drink with meals, and they have a great fizz if you are craving soda!:

1. One can of club soda or sparkling water

2. One tablespoon of flavored balsamic vinegar (I recommend trying a bottle from Angelina's Teas in Winston Salem).

3. Add cinnamon for additional blood sugar control (optional). I recommend getting this from House of Health - Herbs, Vitamins, & Essential Oils in Winston Salem.

4. Add ice.

5. Sip mindfully and slowly while appreciating the flavor, temperature, and fizzy bubbles, with friends of course!

And that's it! Enjoy in place of soda or other sugary drinks

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